Rockford Ball Screw, Industry leader in ball screws and linear guide rails

Rockford Ball Screw (RBS) is the industry leader in ball screws and linear guide rails. Since the company's inception, RBS has driven to provide customers with the highest quality products from state-of-the-art manufacturing.

Industry in Motion

Rockford Ball Screw's innovative engineering expertise and precision manufacturing processes ensure top performance and reliability in all their products. Their specially trained staff work in concert to effectively fulfill customer needs – whether they require standard or custom offerings.

Meeting the Challenges of the Packaging Industry

With increasing demands, new systems configurations and faster lead requirements, packaging equipment manufacturers need solid motion solutions to stay competitive. 

RBS is poised to help with ball screw assemblies and linear guide rails – for packaging equipment slides, generating motion and positioning of product, or the automation of end effectors. RBS products are found in countless packaging equipment applications in the medical, food packaging, energy, transportation, construction, automotive, and retail industries. 

Their tech team leverages more than 50 years of combined engineering and problem-solving experience. Coupled with state-of-the-art manufacturing, RBS can deliver precision motion components and linear motion systems and time again. 

Keeping Things Rolling in the Paper Industry

RBS ball screw assemblies provide the actuation needed to position manufacturing equipment during paper production. Their solutions provide the stability and movement to maximize production and efficiency when it matters most.

RBS is there each step of the way, from prototype through production. Their decades of engineering experience deliver unique perspective to each linear motion challenge, and the state-of-the-art facility helps bring ideas to market faster than most in the industry.

Moving Along with Automated Food Systems

The fast-paced food industry demands that companies maintain an agile response to shifts in preferences. With consumers continually seeking new and unique food items, there is more demand than ever to get high-quality products out quicker while keeping production efficient.

RBS helps move things along with actuators that provide linear movement utilized in automated food systems. RBS is there to deliver precision and excellence in their linear motion solutions every step of the way.

Their tech team takes care of their customers to ensure they receive the most efficient and best linear motion solution for their needs. Whether the solution is traditional or custom, RBS brings decades of engineering expertise to each situation and deliver it with the highest level of customer service.

About RBS

Rockford Ball Screw was founded in 1973 by Ian McBain in the basement of his home. Utilizing his years of experience in the industry with the goals of providing a quality product, on-time and at a competitive price, McBain helped the company grow to a successful leader in the ball screw industry. Since then, RBS has continued to grow and thrive with Linda McGary (McBain) serving as president since 2006.

RBS added linear guide rails and blocks to its product range in 2009. Rockford Linear Motion complements RBS’ product line with linear motion tools. 

Today, RBS is an industry leader in Ball Screws and Linear Guide Rails and continues to serve its customers with a state-of-the-art facility. RBS has one of the largest inventories of ball screw and ACME screw product lines in the industry, including standard and non-standard offerings.

OEM Offers RBS Products

OEM is proud to provide RBS products to many consumers. OEM carries RBS' of line of ball screws, ACME screws, bearing mounts and supports.

All Rockford Ball Screw products are compatible with common sizes of standard screws, perfect for automation, custom machinery, food processing, material handling, packaging and transportation industries. Visit the RBS product page »

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