ZE 5 kN Rotating Trapezoidal Screw

Engineers are being tasked to “design out” hydraulic systems and “design in” screw jack systems for their pushing, pulling, lifting and holding application needs. The new ZE-Series, particulaly the ZE 5 kN R-Trapezoidal Screw, takes the state of the art Zimm screw jacks to the next level with these industry leading advantages.

Technical Specifications

Size:    5 kN
Nominal speed:    1500 rpm
max. drive shaft speed:    3000 rpm
Screw size standard:    18x4
Housing material:    Aluminium, corrosion-resistant
Worm shaft:    steel, case-hardened, ground
Weight of screw jack body:    1,2 kg
Weight of screw/m:    1,58 kg
Gearbox lubrication:    synthetic fluid grease
Screw lubrication:    grease lubrication
Gearbox operating temperature:    max. 60°, higher on request
Moment of inertia:    N: 0,132 kg cm² / L: 0,091 kg cm²
Input torque (at nominal speed):    max. 4,7 Nm (N) / max. 1,5 Nm (L)
Drive-through torque:    max. 39 Nm
Screw:    Rotating (R)

Technical Data Series ZE-5-S / ZE-5-R

max. compressive / tensile force, static: 5 kN (0,5 t)
max. compressive / tensile force, dyn.: see duty cycle curves
Input speed: 1500 rpm / max. 3000 rpm  (depending on the load and duty cycle)
Gear ratio: Tr 18x4²
Screw size standard: 4:1 (N) / 16:1 (L)
Housing material: aluminium, corrosion-resistant
Worm shaft: steel, case-hardened, ground
Weight of screw jack body: 1,2 kg
Weight of screw/m: 1,58 kg
Gearbox lubrication: synthetic fluid grease
Screw lubrication: grease lubrication
Gearbox operating temperature: max. 60°C, higher on request
Moment of inertia: N: 0,132 kg cm² / L: 0,091 kg cm²
Input torque (at 1500 rpm): max. 4,7 Nm (N) / max. 1,5 Nm (L)
Drive-through torque: max. 39 Nm
Drive torque MG (Nm): F (kN) x 0,623 ,4) (N-normal) / F (kN) x 0,213 ,4) (L-low-speed)
Breakaway torque: Drive torque MG x 1,5

Important information

1. If a bellow, spiral spring or double pitch is used; more fitting space is required
2. TR 18x4 is standard, also available: double-pitch, INOX, left-handed, increased screw Tr 20x4 (only for the R version)
3. Factor includes efficiency, ratio and 30% safety
4. For a 4 mm screw pitch
5. To calculate the length of our protective tube length SRO simply use our online configurator: www.zimm.com

Protective Tube Length SRO with TR 18x4-Screw

Protective tube diameter SRO: square or round

  • w/o escape protection/ anti-rotation device -- 46 + Stroke
  • Incl. escape protection/ anti-rotation device -- 61 + Stroke
  • Incl. anti-rotation device and limit switch ES -- 119 + Stroke
  • Incl. anti-rotation device, ES and KAR -- 140 + Stroke

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