Aluminum Motors

Keltec Aluminum Motors combine exceptional performance with lightweight construction. Their motors are known for high tensile strength and efficient heat dissipation thanks to the single-piece aluminum alloy housing. This not only reduces weight for easier installation but also eliminates the need for painting, saving on maintenance time. Keltec offers a variety of options for high-helix angle worm gears and a range of input and output shaft configurations to ensure a perfect fit for your needs.

Available in Nema and Metric Frames

  • Light weight aluminum construction
  • CSA – CE and UL Certified
  • True Inverter Duty Wire Standard, 4:1 Con, 10:1 Var
  • Fin Body design for cooler running temperatures.
  • Oversized Conduit box complete with strain relief connector.
  • Different Conduit box options available upon request

OEM Offers Keltech Products

OEM is proud to provide Keltech products to many customers. In addition to steel ratio multipliers, OEM carries Keltech's product of line of gear reducers, motors, and optidrives. Although they highly focus on the production of their stainless steal products, they also offer aluminoum products as well. 

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