Electromechanical Actuators

Characteristics of ZA-Series include high performance and increased duty cycle. Flexible combinations, state of the art design and efficiency are key advantages with high load capacity of the screw-on tabs, high-quality corrosion protection due to the uniform surface, and compatibility with existing constructions.

Sesame PHCH Servo Gearhead

Sesame’s PHCH is a Premium Class In-Line Helical Gear reducer, featuring Best-In-Class OHL capacities. 

Contact Belt Freezer in action

AFE contact belt freezers provides superior heat transfer. A stainless-steel mesh conveyor belt runs through an insulated tunnel enclosure. AFE's single-belt engineering prevents air channeling and is designed for maximum cleanliness and efficiency. AFE belt freezers virtually eliminate unsightly markings or product shape alteration.

Easy motor change

Established in 1990, Kel-Tech Electric Canada Ltd. aims to always have products of superior quality. This includes their stainless Steel and Aluminum Motors. 

Close-up of screw, available in 8 sizes | 5kN – the newly added 200kN

Engineers are being tasked to “design out” hydraulic systems and “design in” screw jack systems for their pushing, pulling, lifting and holding application needs. The new ZE-Series, particulaly the ZE 5 kN R-Trapezoidal Screw, takes the state of the art Zimm screw jacks to the next level with these industry leading advantages.