Reversing Gearbox

Tandler reversing or disengaging gearboxes are used to declutch a drive element or reverse rotational direction. DieQua offers the Tandler series S, AS, and W reversing and disengaging gearbox.


  • Power capacities from 1 - 200 HP
  • 5 reducing ratios from 1:1 to 2:1
  • Standard backlash of 7 - 8 arc minutes
  • Reduced backlash available
  • Type W available in 1:1 only

Features & Benefits:

  • Low Backlash - Hardened and lapped matched set gearing provide smooth, reliable and predictable rotary motion.
  • Universal Mounting - Machined housing and tapped holes allow mounting on all six sides.
  • Machined Flanges - Provides alignment for perfect shaft centering.
  • Bearing Options - Ball bearings for quiet operation, tapered bearings for higher radial load capacity.
  • Special Design - Standard models can be modified for maximum design versatility.

Actuation can be achieved manually or with pneumatics. The machine must be stopped prior to switching.