Zimm | Z-Series | Ball Screw

The ball screw is used primarily when higher positioning and repetition movements are the priority.

The ball screw's efficient threaded nut design enables higher operation cycles, duty cycles, and speeds due to its superior efficiency over trapezoidal threads. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced heat generation from smoother movements. Ball screws can achieve up to four times the operation cycles of trapezoidal threads and are available in various pitches for different lifting speeds.

Technical Specifications

Size:     500 kN
Nominal speed:      1000 rpm
Max. drive shaft speed:     1000 rpm
Screw size standard:       125x25
KGT load rating dynamic:     575.1
KGT load rating static Co=Coa:     1,863
Axial play:     0.03
Housing material:     GGG-50, corrosion-resistant
Worm shaft:     Steel, case-hardened, ground
Weight of screw jack body:     168 kg
Weight of screw/m:     77 kg
Gearbox lubrication:     Synthetic fluid oil
Screw lubrication:     Grease lubrication
Gearbox operating temperature:     max. 60°, higher on request
Moment of inertia:     N: 310.2 kg cm² / L: 127.8 kg cm²
Input torque (at 1000 rpm):     max. 408 Nm (N) / max. 170 Nm (L)
Drive-through torque:     max. 1,940 Nm
Screw:     Rotating (R)